03rd April 2019

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  • New research from Ryvita has revealed that whilst 62% of Brits think they’re healthy, only one in three know how much fibre they should be eating
  • 42% of Brits don’t eat a single piece of fibre-rich fruit or veg each day
  • Chicken, steak, eggs and even ice cream all believed to be high fibre foods – with one in 10 unable to name even a single high fibre food
  • RYVITA launches new FibreFit campaign to clear up confusion and help people get more fibre in their diet

A nationwide study* by Ryvita today reveals that the UK faces a Fibre Crisis. Despite being an essential part of a healthy diet – supporting gut health,1 and reducing the risk of bowel cancer, strokes, heart disease and type 2 diabetes2 –  fibre is the forgotten superfood as the study found that whilst 62% of Brits consider themselves to be ‘healthy’, one in 10 couldn’t even name a single high fibre food.

The research also highlights the vast misunderstanding on the subject of fibre:  65% of people do not know what the daily recommended fibre target is, yet four in 10 still believe they’re getting enough in their diet. What’s more, 42% of Brits admit to not eating a single piece of fruit or veg each day, despite the food group being generally high in fibre, and the well-established ‘five-a-day’ message from the NHS.

With protein currently in the spotlight, the research suggests possible confusion between ‘protein’ and ‘fibre’. People chose typically protein-rich Chicken (17%) and Eggs (16%) as high fibre foods, despite this not being the case. A further 5% of confused eaters believe ice cream is high in the plant-based carbohydrate, despite 100g typically containing just 0.7g of fibre.

22% of people in Northern Ireland believed that milk is high in fibre whilst 20% of those in the South West believe steak is also fibre-rich, neither of which contain any of this food group.

It’s bad news for white-bread lovers too: 28% of people in Yorkshire believe white bread is high in fibre, despite it containing just 2.9g of fibre per 100g4. In contrast, Crunchy Rye Breads like Ryvita can contain six times the amount of fibre of white bread, with up to 18g of fibre per 100g5 – yet only 3% of respondents listing Rye Breads as a high-fibre food.

When it comes to understanding the health benefits of fibrous food, the nation is clued up on how fibre supports healthy bowel function (66% claim to know that it “helps you poo”), but only 12% know fibre can incredibly prevent bowel cancer.  According to CRUK, 28% of bowel cancer cases in the UK are caused by eating too little fibre6. Yet the study revealed that the main reason for people not eating more fibre is that 25% of people don’t know why they should be eating it regularly.

Nutritionist Lily Soutter comments: “With so few people understanding why we need more fibre in their diet, it’s no surprise that one in 10 can’t name even a single high fibre food. Whilst awareness is growing, this research shows that there’s clearly huge confusion around why we actually need fibre and what foods we can get it from.

Fibre is an essential part of a healthy diet that 90% of us need to be eating more of. A high fibre diet may lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and colorectal cancer. Fibre also helps to maintain a healthy gut whilst preventing constipation. What’s more as part of a balanced diet, fibre may help to lower high blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure. If that’s not enough motivation to include more fibre into the diet, it’s also worth noting that it can aid with satiety. Foods that are high in fibre like Ryvita Crunchy Rye Breads can be a tasty and super easy way to reach our 30g per day.” 

April marks the start of Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, so to help the nation eat more fibre this month, Ryvita is teaming up with Davina McCall and a host of influencers to launch the Ryvita #30in30 FibreFit challenge.

By taking part, people can discover how easy it is to get more fibre into their diet to slowly work up to getting 30g of fibre a day over 30 days. The UK can start their journey by taking Ryvita’s Fibre Quiz to see if they’re getting enough fibre. Simply visit  to find out more.


*Survey of 1,000 adults conducted by Ryvita

For more information or images please contact the Ryvita Team at W Communications.

E: T: 07765 091384

Notes to editors:


  • RYVITA are famous for their Crunchy Rye Breads (also known as ‘Crispbreads’) which are packed with goodness from Rye: they are high in rye fibre (>6g of Fibre per 100g) which can help support your gut health as well as being a natural source of Magnesium & Potassium.
  • Rye fibre contributes to normal bowel function.
  • Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue alongside the maintenance of normal bones & normal muscle function.
  • Potassium contributes to normal muscle function & to the maintenance of normal blood pressure.
  • 4 million packs* of RYVITA are bought every year by over 30% of the UK* (8.4 million households*)
  • RYVITA has been baking Crunchy Rye Breads for over 90 years in their hometown of Poole in Dorset and is part of The Jordans Ryvita Company, a division of ABF Grain Products.


1 Ryvita Crunchy Rye Breads are high in rye fibre (>6g fibre per 100g). Rye fibre contributes to normal bowel function as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


3 NDNS (2018) National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS). Results from Years 7-8 (combined) of the Rolling Programme (2014/2015 – 2015/16): UK

4 McCance & Widdowson, average AOAC fibre per 100g for “Bread, white, average”

5 Ryvita Pumpkin Seed & Oat Crunchy Rye Breads contain 18.2g of fibre per 100g.

6 Cancer Research UK 28% of bowel cancer cases in the UK are caused by eating too little fibre.

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