5th May 2022

I’m hoping you got a galley of  'Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol' which is publishing here on 29th July so I am just following up. I have pasted the press release below as well as a link to more about Mallory, recommended drinks to accompany the book, as well as a Spotify playlist – what more can you ask for! Also pasted are endorsements and praise from Publishers Weekly (starred review), Booklist and Lithub. 

This is the forgotten history of women making, serving and drinking alcohol. Drink has always been at the centre of social rituals and cultures worldwide—and women have been at the heart of its production and consumption. So when did drinking become gendered? How have patriarchies tried to erase and exclude women from industries they've always led, and how have women fought back? And why are things from bars to whiskey considered ‘masculine’, when, without women, they might not exist?

With whip-smart insight and boundless curiosity, Girly Drinks unveils distillers, brewers, drinkers and bartenders with a vital role in the creation and consumption of alcohol, from Cleopatra, Catherine the Great and the real Veuve Clicquot to Chinese poets, medieval nuns and Prohibition bootleggers.

Mallory O’Meara’s fun and fascinating history dismantles the long-standing myth that drink is a male tradition. Now, readers everywhere can discover each woman celebrated in this book—and proudly have what she’s having.

About Mallory O'Meara a link to her drink pairings by chapter and also a Spotify playlist

Praise for Girly Drinks: 

‘A raw shot of boozy history that stings as well as it soothes!’ — Patton Oswalt 

‘[A] thorough, and thoroughly entertaining, history... Elegantly woven into each cheeky chapter is rigorous historical context... O’Meara glides easily from the 17th- century pulquerias of Mexico to the feminine ‘fern bars’ of the 1970s, making sure to not to forget the queen of girly drinks: the Cosmopolitan. Provoking both thought and laughter, this serves as bracing refreshment from a master textual mixologist.’ — Publishers Weekly, starred review 

‘At last, the feminist history of booze we’ve been waiting for!’ — Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist 

Feminist and very funny... O’Meara deftly blends in equal measures of social history, gossip, and solid research, and adds enjoyable footnotes... women have discovered, invented, advanced, championed, and celebrated alcohol.’ — Booklist 

‘[In Girly Drinks] Mallory O’Meara... returns to the realm of historically overlooked women who did extremely cool sh*t with a feminist history of drinking through the ages.’ — Lit Hub 

‘With this lively book Mallory O’Meara has provided a real service, giving us not only a long-overdue new perspective on a great many familiar issues, but also raising all kinds of other issues that are unfamiliar and shouldn’t be.’— David Wondrich, author of Imbibe 

‘Cheers to Mallory O’Meara and her serious yet seriously entertaining treatise on the history of gendered drinks. Girly Drinks will introduce you to queens and nuns, bootleggers and bartenders, telling their stories and proving the point that all drinks are girly drinks.’ — Jeanette Hurt, author of Drink Like a Woman 

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