3rd February 2022

Dupeshop: The beauty dupe brand making luxury beauty accessible and affordable for all

Affordability is crucial to Dupeshop. It’s vital for true inclusivity - they believe that nobody should be excluded from a beauty trend or type of product because they can't afford it.  


In fact, Dupeshop boycotts the typical markup of the beauty industry. They provide inclusive shades, affordable shipping, and offer money-saving alternatives, so that anyone can have access to luxury quality beauty. 


Dupeshop’s website currently has affordable products

compared to Chanel, Kylie Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, MAC, Nars, Inglot, Benefit, YSL, Kat Von D and more.


Sustainability is another huge factor for Dupeshop. By considering sustainability as a major influencing factor when making decisions for Dupeshop (they even have Vegan Wednesdays at the office), they’ve been able to make the brand more sustainable. 


Dupeshop’s founders add: “We wanted to prove that just because a product or brand costs less – it doesn’t mean there has to be a compromise in quality, ethics or sustainability. 

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“For example, when choosing who to partner with to ship our products - rather than simply choosing the most profitable option for us, we considered what that company was doing to make the process more sustainable.


“It’s totally achievable to make sustainable choices whilst being affordable, high-quality and cruelty-free. It was important to make a conscious effort from the beginning of Dupeshop, rather than only considering sustainability once the brand had reached a certain ‘level’.


Dupeshop is helping thousands of people access affordable beauty, especially those who are in difficult situations financially. So, put away your wallet and head over to Dupeshop for some low-budget, high-quality beauty inspiration

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