1st March 2022

Spendthrift Brits: More than half overbuy ingredients in preparation for Pancake Day 

·       57% of Brits overbuy ingredients in preparation for Pancake Day

·       More than a third of those that buy ingredients admit to buying ready-made pancake mix

·       42% say ‘yes’ to maple syrup on their pancakes 

The nation is one that likes to overindulge on Pancake Day and new stats reveal consumers overbuy ingredients and their favourite toppings rather than opting to use up leftovers or essentials that they already have in the cupboard.

More than half of Brits purchase flour, eggs, milk and sugar in preparation (57%), as well as their favourite toppings (53%), with those living in Greater London most likely to overbuy the essentials (69%). More than half of those asked in Wales say yes to overbuying ingredients (60%) and just under half of those in Northern Ireland (45%) and Scotland (44%)[1].

Looking to discover how sustainable the nation is on Pancake Day, Maple from Canada commissioned the online Census survey of around 2,000 members of the public.

Sustainable or shop-bought?

While 59% of Brits say yes to making pancakes from scratch on Pancake Day, more than a third, of those who buy ingredients, admit to opting for ready-made pancake mix in plastic bottles (36%). When choosing between using up cupboard or leftover ingredients and buying new, the nation is divided as 31% opt to be more sustainable and the same portion visit the shops in preparation of Pancake Day.

James Golding, group chef director at THE PIG and ambassador for Maple from Canada, said: “Pancake Day is one of the many holidays where unfortunately a lot of food, batter and toppings, is wasted – as well as plastic packaging from ready-made pancake mixes.

“It’s no surprise that many shoppers choose ready-made over homemade, due to ease and convenience, but one thing we always do in our house is plan ahead. Before heading to the shops have a look in your cupboards or fridge for what you already have and save doubling up on ingredients.

“If you want to be really organised, then using your different fridge shelves is another handy way to do this. Use your top shelf for food that is close to the end of its life so these items can be used in your cooking first and you can easily see what needs using up. One of the easiest ways to avoid throwing away good food is to get creative with your leftovers, try experimenting with pancake toppings and swap sweet for savoury.”

Lovely leftovers

With the nation leaning more towards being sustainable on Pancake Day, almost two thirds would store and re-use their batter mix after they’ve flipped their last pancake (62%) however, more than a third would still opt to throw it away (38%).

Peter McKenna, co-owner and chef director at The Gannet in Glasgow and maple ambassador, said: “I like to put a savoury spin on my pancakes, utilising leftovers from our Sunday roasts, let’s face it you never want to dig back in on a Monday but by Tuesday it’s open season.

“Last year I utilised the remainder of a slow roast lamb shoulder seasoning with garlic powder, smoked paprika & Sichuan black pepper. I brought my butter, chilli sauce (I like the fruity Caribbean types) and maple syrup to the boil for around two minutes then squeezed the juice of one lime in before tossing over the lamb and roasting in the oven.”

The nation’s favourite

Though sugar and lemon juice has topped the nation’s favourite pancake toppings for decades, new stats reveal nearly half of Brits opt for maple syrup on Pancake Day (42[2]%) with almost two thirds of those already having it in their cupboards (62%).

Savoury pancake topping inspiration

Winner of Bake Off the Professionals 2020 and maple ambassador, Laurian Veaudour, shares his top three toppings ideas for Pancake Day:

·       Gently fry some leftover cooked sausages with a knob of butter, veg oil and a sprig of thyme. Slice your sausages, add finely chopped garlic and place on your pancake with a splash of golden maple syrup

·       Add a slice of smoked salmon to your pancake, thinly sliced spring onion and fresh coriander. Finish with a few drops of maple vinegar acidity – sprinkle toasted sesame seeds for extra crunch

·       Slice some brie and top on your pancake as soon as you flip it over, sprinkle chopped walnuts and drizzle with amber maple syrup


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